Project Description


Improve the quality of life and well-being of your employees. This was the main reason why SIDIA implemented the “Healthier SIDIA” program, which seeks to raise awareness about the risks of obesity-related diseases and encourage a healthy lifestyle
The best of all is that the program elicits the activities through a fun competition, where the best placed – those who have lost weight – are rewarded.

The volunteer membership has been great and the results are visible. More than weight loss, we see increased disposition, decreased stress, improved concentration power and team spirit.
“Before I had no disposition for anything, after I participate in the program when I don’t exercise, my day is not complete.” Eddie Fontes, developer.

“It’s not just a competition, but teamwork, companionship, the fact that you know you’re being accompanied, etc. These are small things that motivate us to give our best.” Ana Franco, designer.