Project Description

Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure

Finding Monsters is an Alice in Wonderland game style in which the siblings Jake and Tess find a portal that gives access to an enchanted world. Spindle, their mysterious guide, gives them a magical camera with all they need to save their dream world that is slowly disappearing. Jake and Tess need to find and photograph all the strange monsters that appear there to save this magical place. To score you need to get the best (and funniest) pictures of every monster that is found. The better the picture, the higher the score.

Finding Monsters is an exciting first-person game that, while it sounds easy at first, is becoming more challenging in later stages. The game has captured young audiences with its colorful visuals and incredible illustrations. This first original Black River Studios game is available for a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets, with support in multiple languages.

Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure received honorable mention in two categories at the 2016 Vision Summit Awards – Best Game and Artistic Achievement Award.