Project Description

VR Healthcare

The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) and Sidia partnered to train health professionals through the virtual platform “VR Healthcare”, developed by Sidia’s Solutions and UX teams (photo). The project’s goal is to reduce overall caesarian deliveries in Brazil.

This platform is a catalog containing training experiences presented in immersive 360º contents curated by health institutions such as HIAE, and aligned with ANS’ Proper Childbirth Project’s objectives. The solution provides the user a new experience through virtual reality technology, offering elements for deeper engagement and understanding in the traditional training process.

“The professional that goes through the ‘VR Healthcare’ training will follow up and make decisions from the screening, to the observation room until the moment of delivery. In the platform, they will be able to interact and receive guidance about the subject and decide what is best for the patient”, explained Álvaro Gonçalves, manager of the Solutions are