Project Description

come to sidia

Sidia has launched in Brazil a program for recruiting new talent in the area of information technology and innovation. Sidia teams visited universities around the country, selecting professionals and students to participate in the program, which provides a period of residence and job vacancies, as protocol developer, Android Core developer and software test developer.

The program, called “Come to Sidia”, aims to train and retain new talent to work in the institute, which today is responsible for implementing innovative solutions for the local and global market, through research and development activities.

According to the manager of the Model area, André Neto, there is a difficulty to recruit professionals for the information technology market, mainly in the area of software development in the country. He explains that the program “Come to Sidia” allows to identify the talents, focusing on those who are doing specialization or who are already in final phase in the university, and enable them to work within the company in Manaus.

A benefit package is being offered to attract these talents. “Therefore, we will contribute to the training of these professionals and offer a unique opportunity to know and act in one of the leading software development companies in the country,” he said.