Project Description

Projeto Galaxy Temas

Galaxy Themes was a collection requested by Samsung Korea HQ and SIDIA had the creative freedom to propose the standards and elements of each theme, always focusing on cohesively and expressively associating the color and element that gave the name of each device.

The collection became very popular because its publication was simultaneous with the launch of the Galaxy S6 Colors collection and users wanted to complement the device experience with a theme made especially for it. Galaxy Themes have already surpassed the 30 million downloads mark worldwide.
One of the reasons for the success of this collection of themes is the care in understanding the needs of users. We are always focused on what the user consumes, as well as reading the comments and requests to produce themes they like to use.
In addition, we always strive to meet the principles of visibility and readability of the elements. Themes need to be visually functional. Our main focus is always on aesthetics and functionality.

To develop this type of project we have a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers, developers, testers and designers. This exchange of skills facilitates the exchange of knowledge and the development of concepts.
Our creation process is based on: reference searches, concept creation through key screens, concept approval, theme production, theme approval, functionality testing and publication.