Project Description

Projeto Labenc

Within SIDIA, the Labenc (Laboratory of Electrical Measurements of SIDIA) has the function of evaluating the energy efficiency of LCD / LED and Plasma TVs.

Labenc is the first in the North and Northeast to be accredited by the General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetro (CGCRE) for this type of test.

Energy efficiency tests are important because they give consumers the assurance that the product they are purchasing is within the standards established by Inmetro, which classifies appliances according to a scale from A (more efficient) to D (less efficient) .

In addition, the manufacturer is also encouraged to launch more energy-efficient products, contributing to technological development and reducing environmental impacts.

Every company needs, during the process of planning a new product, to submit the project for energy efficiency analysis in a laboratory accredited by CGCRE. Only after testing and with laboratory approval can the manufacturer place the product for sale.

In this way Labenc plays a fundamental role for the technological development of several brands in the segment.

Labenc is part of the Brazilian Network of Testing Laboratories (RBLE) and is able to attend manufacturers of all brands and from any part of the country.